From Tomahawk Ridge to the University of Kansas, to San Diego and back again, Brian Clausen has lived the ups and downs that Kansas has experienced. Brian knows that an investment in the people of Kansas will be returned ten-fold, and that is why he’s running; so that we can stop quibbling over what is constitutionally acceptable and do more for the people than is required.

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It’s no secret; the Brownback years were a disaster for Kansas. His irresponsible tax policies, doubled down with cuts to crucial healthcare programs, rendered many Kansas residents wondering whether they might go bankrupt just trying to stay healthy. Funding for public schools and infrastructure dwindled, as the far-right legislature kept trying to plug a leaking dam with chewing gum rather than addressing the problem at its source.

It’s time for responsible fiscal policies that benefit everyone, not just the 1%. It’s time for everyone in Kansas, no matter their race, religion, nationality, gender or sexual orientation, to feel safe. It’s time for the state government to be trustworthy and transparent with their constituents. All of these things, and more, is why Brian decided to run.

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