Brian grew up in Overland Park, and attended Overland Trail Middle and Blue Valley North before earning his degree from the University of Kansas. He started umpiring baseball at Johnson County 3&2 when he was 12 years old, and in 11 years on the job, he learned how to diffuse testy situations, talk with someone who (sometimes vehemently) disagrees with you, and approach work with the utmost integrity. Learning to walk in another person’s shoes is a philosophy that Brian carries with him to this day.

It is this empathy for another person’s experiences that gives him the drive to run for state legislature in Kansas’ 28th District. Brian seeks to build bridges, not walls, so that we can learn to not just tolerate but embrace each other’s differences. No one should infringe upon a person’s right to love who they want, pray how they want, and choose how they want.

Brian has worked in content marketing for the past four years, and is currently working as a freelance writer. As a near life-long resident of Kansas, Brian cares deeply about its future, and he is running to protect the future for EVERYONE, not just a select few.

Please click over to my Issues page to learn more about where I stand on what I believe are the most important things facing Kansans today.