As a product of public education, Brian understands its importance to all Kansans. Those few in the legislature should not be discussing a constitutional amendment in order to avoid doing their jobs, nor to prevent the Supreme Court from doing theirs. The duties of the legislature do not entail trying to find the minimum amount of money needed for the State Supreme Court to declare funding constitutional. We need creative solutions to this funding crisis so that our kids have the tools they need to learn and grow, and our teachers have the resources they need to foster a positive learning environment.

Public Health and Safety

Every man and woman should have access to quality, affordable healthcare, and every child deserves to go to school without worry of being shot. Nothing is more hypocritical than being willing to pay for teachers to have guns, but not to pay for the supplies necessary to do their job. For the former, expanding Medicaid would increase access and help prevent insurers from issuing junk short term plans or denying coverage based on pre-existing conditions. For the latter, we need smart and sensible gun regulations so that students don’t have to practice lockdown drills and then try to focus in class. Guns have no place in schools.


Former Governor Brownback’s policies had many failings, and some of the people who were – and continue to be – hit hardest by his far-right policies include women and the LGBT community. He repealed protections in the workplace for those who identify as LGBT, his fellow conservatives continue to deny women access to the healthcare they need, and this year 63 representatives in the legislature pushed through a bigoted policy that allows organizations to discriminate against parents wanting to adopt purely because of sexual orientation. This is tantamount to a slap in the face, especially when considering that so many kids are suffering in the Kansas foster care system. These children deserve a loving, safe, permanent home, and we cannot allow those few in the legislature to deny them that.

Fiscal Responsibility

The Brownback tax cuts nearly bankrupted the state, and we cannot continue to allow irresponsible tax policy to slash funds from public education and healthcare. We need creative and progressive solutions to avoid falling down the same hole that Brownback dug. The legislature in 2017 repealed most of the Brownback tax cuts by removing the LLC exemption, and restoring income tax to near its previous levels. We need to build on that progress in the next couple of years to ensure that we have enough funding for our schools and infrastructure, and that important funds for KDOT and KPERS aren’t used as the governor’s personal piggy bank.

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